Module 5: HOLIDAYS

Quick Quiz

Section B

All the questions relate to animals at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  Before you start you can refresh your memory at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Please answer all 20 questions.

(you have 10 minutes to complete the task)

  • 1. Where can you see a giraffe in the wild?
  • 2. What do Black Rhinos eat?
  • 3. Why did the Black Rhino population decrease between 1970 and 1992?
  • 4. Where can you find Wallabies in the wild?
  • 5. What do Giant Otters eat?
  • 6. Where are Amur Tigers found?
  • 7. What is the predominant difference between the African elephant and the Indian elephant?
  • 8. Name two factors which have reduced the Amur Tiger population
  • 9. What is the largest land carnivore in the world?
  • 10. Wallabies are from a family of animals called Macropods, what does this mean?
  • 11. Which is the most endangered big cat in the world?
  • 12. In the 1940’s, how many Amur tigers were reported to be remaining in the wild?
  • 13. How many Amur tigers are left in the wild?
  • 14. What is the biggest threat to the Polar Bear population?
  • 15. Where does the Black Rhinoceros live?
  • 16. Where can you find the Giant Otter in the Wild?
  • 17. Where do Polar Bears live?
  • 18. In the past decade, what has changed in the painted dog population?
  • 19. Why is a Giraffes tongue blue/black?
  • 20. Name three animals that are on the endangered list?