Learner led education through media

Our School Learner Led Programme is designed for individuals who have disengaged at school and are close to exclusion.
The provision is based around the students interests and uses up to date media techniques to engage with pupils who are struggling in their current academic climate.
With a strong influence on new media our Learner led the provision is aimed at focusing pupils on what they need to progress in a multi-media environment.
Schools can take an option of either one or two days a week where the aim is to improve the skills of students who are working below or towards level 1 to both develop practical skills and help with students’ transition back into education.

The programme will provide guidance to pathways that are available to them within the industry and what they need to achieve.
Attending this placement should result in the student having a new-found enthusiasm for learning, and therefore a more successful educational life with increased possibilities moving forward.

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