learner led education through sport

Futsal is played on an indoor court with boundaries while Indoor Soccer is played on a turf field with walls. The players in Futsal are more likely to develop their foot skills without relying on a wall for support. The main difference is the ball– a size 4 is used: slightly smaller with bounce restriction.

Futsal increases ball control and also helps with hand-eye coordination speeding up reaction times.

The after-school futsal club provides football fun in a safe environment at your children’s school. The aim of the session is to;

  • help develop healthy lifestyles
  • exercise in a fun way
  • gain confidence and participate in a team environment
  • build friendships and have fun

Hopefully somewhere along the way they will also learn a few footballing skills…………

Lincolnshire Educational Support run the after-school Futsal clubs in partnership with the Lincolnshire Futsal League. Our coaches all have at least an FA level 1 coaching badge, first aid and safeguarding children certificates and a current CRC.

Leaner Led Education 

futsal training indoor skills and stamina

futsal for all all abilities

inter-school matches ks1 & ks2

Confidence building

Exercise in a fun way

Team building

Develop healthy lifestyles

Personal and social development

Increase hand-eye coordination