HAF: Media Clubs – Eco Week

Eco week is a club aimed towards teaching young people how they can help save their Planet by raising awareness of global issues. Working in our Digital Media Suite you can make a documentary about climate change and the decline of animals in the wild. Includes video production, green screen effects and other digital media technologies to create promotional materials highlighting the concept of ecotourism, including some examples of places that are already encouraging its development and the reasons for why they are doing so. Includes a field trip to a wildlife park.


Introduction to making a documentary
Tuesday Trip to the Wildlife Park
Finish the documentary and Design Eco Art
Design Eco Art

The club runs 15th-18th August, from 9:30 to 3:30

Holiday Club Details


Available Dates
15th – 18th August

9:30 – 3:30

Available Places
10 Attendees

This activity has been organised and resourced for the needs of children and young people who are recognised as having mild to moderate SEND needs. Particularly communication and interaction or social emotional and mental health needs.

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