Alternative Provision

For some pupils, a formal academic curriculum either isn’t appropriate or just doesn’t work. This can be for various reasons and usually results in disruptive behaviour and or constant supervision. Here at Lincolnshire Educational Support we offer a Learner Lead Education based on the needs and requirements of the individual disaffected pupil, usually on a 1 to 1 basis or in small group. Our Learner Led Education focuses on the pupil’s interests, to gain a better understanding of core subjects. This results in a positive engagement increasing attendance and the aspirations of the individual.

Tutoring options are flexible, starting from 1 day a week, and can be designed to work alongside your existing 14 – 16 provisions, complementing and enhancing the alternatives you may already have in place.

“Learner Led Education for students who thought they had no options”

Do you have any disaffected pupils?

  • Years 7-11
  • Poor attendance and punctuality
  • Looking at fixed term or permanent exclusion
  • Require an alternative curriculum
  • Behavioural issues

Our Learner Led Education Programme is offered to pupils in either small groups or 1 to 1 depending on the requirements of the individuals.

Improved results and attendance

Improved employability

Increased levels of engagement

Reduced exclusions

Reduced chance of being NEET

Increased aspirations